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iTheme Security Pro

iTheme Security Pro is a complete security package, Whether you have a current security issues or wants to proactively defend your business website, blog pr WooCommerce store, The iThemes Security Pro plugin has all the features   and options to stop spam, malware, and hackers in their tracks.

  • Prevents brute force attack,Malware injections & security breaches
  • Monitor user activity & File changes through security dashboard
  • Regular website check for malware, blacklist IPs, and vulnerable themes & Plugins
WP Small Fix

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is most trusted WordPress caching plugin on the planet. Also it’s recognized as the most powerful Speed optimization plugin by WordPress experts. From caching static file to prefetching DNS, everything comes as a full package.

  • Effective & minimal configuration options that provide instant results
  • Easy to use Database optimization settings
  • Most Popular & user friendly plugin
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WP Smush Pro

WP Smush Pro is Premium image compression plugin managed by WPMUDEV; it will compress all your media images and serve the correct size of the image In a single click. If you’re looking for dependable and an automated way to compress all your website images, WP Smush Pro is the solution.

  • 2x image optimization with high quality
  • Automatic Resize, Scale & original image backup
  • Compress images on upload, No size limits