Importance of WordPress Updates & Maintenance

We all know that WordPress is a powerful and widely used CMS on the planet, After Every 2 or 3 months, WordPress releases new updated. All updates contain mainly bugs fix and different types of security improvements, new upgrades allow you to use new powerful features and functionalities. That will improve your overall design and performance of your business site or blog. If you wanted to use advantages of each new WordPress update then you must need to perform regular maintenance of your WordPress website or blog. Let’s discuss the importance of WordPress updates & maintenance in details.

Here is the main 3 part of WordPress update

Core update

Importance of WordPress Updates & Maintenance
WordPress itself is famous and fast growing platform with the very large user community, if there is WordPress update it means all core files of WordPress CMS is updated with some new codes and functions as well as some old functions and code will be deprecated (now those codes are not valid). If your WordPress core files are not up to date then your site is more vulnerable compared to new WordPress version.

Theme Update

Importance of WordPress Updates & Maintenance
Theme means it’s a framework that used to build your website or blog like you wanted, it’s same like WordPress core update. Themes are frequently updated to improve security, performance, User experience and so on. If you are using outdated theme it means you are using limited old theme functions and features and compromised your website security already.

Plugin update

Importance of WordPress Updates & Maintenance
 The plugin is like one extra tool for your website or blog, if you wanted to archive some different functionality or features, in that case, there are different plugin options available for you in WordPress directory. Plugins created by different authors, they also releasing latest updates regularly like Core and theme updates. With each update, they provide new features and improved version of the plugin. If you are not going to update your plugin version that means you are taking chance with your website security.

Important things related to WordPress Maintenance

Importance of WordPress Updates & Maintenance
All people know the importance of regular content update and content maintenance but ever wonder what importance of Website maintenance is? If you don’t maintain your website properly then there will be lots of issue like performance issues, security issues, latest and trending features is missing, low-quality user experience and so on.

Regular Offsite backups

Importance of WordPress Updates & Maintenance
There will be plan B everywhere in the world, so why not we are using plan B for maintenance? Actually, I am talking about regular offsite backups. Whatever it will be daily, weekly or monthly. “I personally recommended weekly regular backup for all business sites and daily backup for schedule and event-related websites.” If there will be unwanted stuff happen like website got hacked, crashed, malware code injected and related so many causes. At that time without wasting your valuable time you could set your business website instantly using your offsite backup.

Security improvement and monitoring

Importance of WordPress Updates & Maintenance
Security is a very important factor for your business website, If you don’t maintain your website properly then your website will be vulnerable, there will be a chance of getting hacked, malware injection, performance downgrade. No one wanted to face such situation but that’s part of today’s technology. You just need to set proper security plugin to decrease these all risks.

Database optimization

Importance of WordPress Updates & Maintenance
If you are running a website with tonnes of daily traffic then you must need to optimize your database. It will cut offloading time, low database related errors and save your server resources. Regular database optimization will allow you to increase the speed of your heavy website.

Remove unused plugin and stop spammy comments

Importance of WordPress Updates & Maintenance
You must need to remove Bunch of inactive plugin on your live business website, maybe at one time, you have required those plugins but now no use of inactive plugins. Remove inactive plugin is a wise move in maintains your website.
Blog on your website is the main source of traffic am I correct? But at the same time spammer also love to place spammy comments on popular blogs. You must need to stop those all spammers because it’s causing lots of issue like Impact of spammy comment on readers, it will harm your reputation too. You don’t need to waste more time to remove spammy comments if you maintain your comments with captcha protection. We recommend you to check Why You Should Care about WordPress Security?


We hope now you will have a more clear mindset about Importance of WordPress updates & maintenance The first impression is the last impression that’s a perfect example for well-maintained WordPress business website. If your Business website is well maintained and up to date then it will create a great impact on your visitor’s mind. our recommendation is “If your business website is healthier then your business will stay healthy.” Keep maintain and update your website regularly.
If you are thinking to hire a professional WordPress developer for your business website maintenance? WP Small Fix is here for you. You can check it out our WordPress Support Services & Maintenance plans. You can choose a plan as per your convenience. Also we provides WordPess Speed optimization service don’t hesitate to ask if you will any questions related to our services.

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