5 Best WordPress Free Live Chat Plugin for you

If you have a WordPress website it’s important to stay in touch with customers and see what they want from you. Ideally you want to make sure that you always provide them with methods to get back to you or let you know when they need support. WordPress Free Live Chat Plugin will help you do that. And that’s why we have a quick list of 5 Best WordPress Free Live Chat plugin that will be able to help you with this entire process.

  1. LiveChat
  2. Olark
  3. Tidio Live Chat
  4. Formilla Live Chat
  5. Pure Chat


LiveChat is a very good solution and it actually works a lot better than you might imagine. It does a very good job for customers because they can easily get in touch with you seamlessly without having to worry about anything. Customers can also grade the agent and leave feedback. They can even give a social media shout out if necessary. This is one of those tools that have a lot of features.

You can customize the chat window, control the conversations from a single dashboard, you can even get a full history of the chats, you will even be able to mark the interaction with colorful circles if needed. Engaging customers directly is also possible. Their plugin is very easy to use and adapt, you will appreciate it quite a lot and you will not have to worry about anything whenever and however you want. This is one of the best live chat plugin just because it has so much customization and it’s designed to be super seamless and convenient.


OlarkOlark also has a plethora of nice features. It’s not the simplest one to use but it’s definitely easy to integrate via the widget. They also allow you to add the code piece they share you so you can include this live chat system anywhere you may want or need. It’s actually a handy idea and it will work really well.

When it comes to features, you can expect stuff like chat reports and you can easily see if the solution was good and the customer was satisfied. They also have professional CRM integration which we found to be very convenient and professional. They also have rules that you can use in order to show and hide the chatbox, assign chats, send messages and so on. Of course, you also need helpdesk integration, this tool really delivers on that front since you get all the stuff you require in a good and powerful package too. And you can even search the chat history all the time if you want, which is very exciting. They even allow you to see what the visitors have in shopping carts too. In case you want to remove Olark branding, you can do it too.

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Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat
Some consider Tidio Live Chat to be one of the easiest live chat solutions that you can find on the market. They have 3 designs for the chat box and you can further customize with numerous colors if you want to do that. The chats are handled via tabs, and you can also manage chats via mobile with their dedicated app.

This is a plus, not every live chat plugin or tool has its own app. In case you are unable to chat the offline messages are sent to the inbox. The free version restricts you to a single chat and a single agent, but you can remove that restriction if you want with a monthly price. It’s rather seamless and powerful, very adaptable and easy to use. Yes it will take a bit to get used to the features themselves but for the most part you get a good bang for the buck and you can’t really ask for more!

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Formilla Live Chat

Formilla Live Chat
Formilla Live Chat is a very professional, adaptable freemium live chat tool. In case your site doesn’t have a lot of traffic you can use it for free, otherwise, you have to pay a monthly fee. 30 chats per month are the limitation, alongside a single agent and a single chat window. The upgrade is affordable and you can pay monthly. They also have their own mobile app too. And if you’re a premium user they will actually give real-time visitor monitoring, custom chat boxes and so on.

They also have some other features like chat queues, offline email forms and proactive chat. You need all the features you can get sometimes especially in regards to handling customer requirements. So it makes sense to use tools like Formilla Live Chat because they are so good and adaptable. Find the right option and it will totally be worth it in the end.

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Pure Chat

Pure Chat
Pure Chat is also very good and the main thing about it is that it comes with amazing chat boxes. Everything is customizable if you want, you can even have beautiful animations and custom images. That’s great because it helps add more personality to the website. The free version has 15 chats per month and it’s quite limited. However, if you go for the $39/month you have unlimited chats and 4 users. If you want more users you have to pay more.

Aside from visuals which are still quite important, you will also need analytics, multi-chat management as well as chat triggers. Every detail matters here and you have to adapt and improve on it as much as you can. It’s going to be worth it especially if you add the right features and go ahead to customize the process every time. We highly recomment to use WordPress Free Live Chat Plugin on your WordPress website for better user impact.

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Should you use these WordPress Free live chat plugin? Yes, they look amazing and most of them come with a free version to test out before you commit to a paid one. Being able to interact with the customer base is very handy and it will definitely be an incredible experience. Thankfully installing these is a breeze and you will find the process to be quite interesting and fun all the time. You should totally check these out if possible.

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