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Top Four Cutting-Edge Technologies that Speed Up WordPress Website Performance

To increase the quality of a website, it is vital to make it fast. If people take too long to load on a page, they will tend to look for an alternative webpage and can leave your site soon. With this article, you will learn about Speeding up WordPress performance.

Experts say that people are willing to leave a web page without waiting for it to load if it doesn’t take less than 4 seconds. This can have an enormous impact on a website making millions of dollars daily.

All businesses should pay close attention to the performance of their website and to the speed at which it loads. A slow website means potential customers will leave your site faster than you can say: ‘Oh my God!’

You can make your website performance much better by using cutting-edge technologies, which will make your operation quick.

The four cutting-edge technologies to speed up a WordPress website



SSL Certification



CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Your website is copied over to a network of servers dispersed across the globe. These servers have a copy of the content of your website, including text, video, fonts, and images.

The system is intelligent, so when a user accesses your website they automatically receive data from the nearest servers. This improves WordPress website speed and increases reliability as it quickly sends data and content.

The big advantage of copying your website over several servers is that the service becomes more reliable and rigorous.

The use of multiple servers distributes traffic, allowing it to withstand heavy loads. Websites using this technology are able to load up to 50% faster as a result. For example, a site loading in 6 seconds would load in only 3 seconds.

To know the effects of a CDN, think of Amazon.com. CDN can help retain users and improve conversion rates.

CDN(Content Delivery Network)


HTTP/2 is an important protocol of the World Wide Web. In May 2015, the technology was released to better create a connection and perform multiple tasks.

HTTP is a step up from all previous versions. This comes with the ability to handle multiple requests during the same connection. It can process them better than ever before and makes use of a revolutionary design which makes it our best yet.

The current situation with website design has rendered previous techniques such as Data URIs, and Sprites ineffective. If you remember, HTTP/1 was ill-equipped to handle multiple requests simultaneously, causing a lot of congestion on the internet.

Loading a large image takes up less time than loading a group of small images. HTTP/2 has solved this problem for you by reducing latency.

Halite also compresses the headers of each file. This saves the receiver considerable time since the compressed headers are pushed before the actual request for data.

It’s easy to see why it’s possible to speed up your website by as much as 50%. The latest version is binary rather than textual.

A step to take before you begin your migration to HTTP/2 is to purchase an SSL certificate. In order to use this new platform, browsers will only accept it if the site has a security certificate.

When the new HTTP protocol is implemented, it won’t be difficult and can most likely be administered from your own server. This approach means that depending on your hosting service, the protocol may or may not be available.

SSL Certificate

When you purchase SSL, it will encrypt the server connection from your website to your browser. The certification is readily available and it’s easy to implement.

Let’s Encrypt provides free SSL certificates which are gained popularity for their remarkable service. It is a fast automatic, easy alternative to manually obtaining a certificate.

The certification process is automated and takes only a few minutes. The steps for implementing this certification can be found on their website. You can find tutorials there as well.

Google has been using SSL certification as a ranking factor since 2014. SSLs improve both security and speed while also benefiting your website on search engines.

SSL Certificate

Brotli Compression

Google is responsible for the creation of this compression algorithm in 2015. They use a range of computer science optimization techniques to shrink the size of files and transmissions for better storage, speed, and accuracy.

Brotli compression improves upon current compression. It can compress data up to 26%. What does that mean?

It means HTML files can be saved 40% of the time and CSS and JavaScript can be cut 25%. The improvement is quite significant.



Slow websites are considered dead websites. All across the world, network speeds have improved and slow loading times will distract people from the content on your site.

Small businesses need to make sure their sites are up and running at all times, with no security issues. Having fast connectivity is also a great asset to have if you want to grow in the world of internet sales.

Entrepreneurs and business owners should be investing in these four technologies that speed up WordPress websites as well as security. Low-loading speeds could not only disproportionately affect your sales performance, but it may also lead to a loss of clients – no matter how amazing your content is.

A website without an SSL certificate is not safe. Furthermore, a site without SSL also ranks low on Google.

CDN is an amazing solution for websites that have a lot of content and need to load quickly. They can reduce loading time and fix any crash issues.

Upgrading to Brotli is your best weapon for speeding up your website and making it the best of the best. Now go and use these Four Cutting-Edge Technologies that Speed Up Your WordPress Website.

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